AKINDIN, Gregory

AKINDIN, Gregory (Prilep, around 1300 – approx 1348) – medieval theologian and philosopher. He was educated in Thessaloniki, where he acquired a solid education in ancient philosophy and literature. I met with St. Gregory Palamas and expressed his desire to introduce him into the monastic spiritual practice. In 1332, in Thessalonica, he encountered Barlaam, the main opponents of St. Gregory Palamas. Up to 1341. was an intermediary between them. Backed by Patriarch John Kalekas, Akin-din came up with a criticism of Barlaam's treatise Against the Mesalians. In the Civil War, an open and sharp critique of the hesychastic method that Palama sought for. At the church in 1352 (posthumously) he was anathematized. He is the author of several texts. In "Antiretics" he attacks the basic idea of ​​the monks of hesychasts. Akindin advocates the thesis that God can invoke man only through symbols, and between the essence of God and God's energy there is no difference. LIT: V. Stojcevska-Antic, Akindin in the South Slavic handwriting tradition, "Prilozi", IV, 1, MANU, 1979, 35-59; V. Georgieva, Byzantine Philosophy, Skopje, 2001. V. Mr.-P.

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