AJDER, AHEDA, AHEDA, LAMIA. (tour eiderha). – a daemon show in the form of a multi-headed serpentine monster that lives in lakes and deep streams, in hollow trees and caves, with extremely negative features. His female form is the dragon. In beliefs only appears in the animal form, and in the folk creation it also presents itself as a man. Its origin is associated with the transformation of centuries-old figs or dragons into demonic beings: a body with fish decoction, one or more canine or horse heads (three to forty), big hair, jaws, teeth and tongue, four legs, sharp nails, large wings, tail, with a laconic and bloodthirsty character, and the possibility of throwing fire and flames from the eyes and mouth. It is considered an insatiable creature, reflected in folk proverbs and proverbs. In some beliefs he is the head of the snakes, causes darkening with the attack of the Sun, conducts the city clouds, and so on. It is believed that only Sts. George with the spear and St. Elijah with thunders. In that escape from danger, it can be hidden in a pitcher of the harvesters (Porece). LIT: Tanas Vrazhinovski, People's Demonology of the Macedonians, Skopje-Prilep, 1995, 47-51; the same, the People's Mythology of the Macedonians, kn. 1, Skopje-Prilep, 1998, 188-193. S. Ml.

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