AIJANOVSKI-OCE, Vangel (Voden, 5. Ⅱ 1909 – Skopje, 19 Ⅴ 1996) – member of the Macedonian National Movement (GOD) in the Aegean part of Macedonia. In the period between the two world wars he was a member of the CPG, in 1941. was Secretary of the Rehn Committee of the CPG for Voden. In 1942 in Voden was founded and managed by the MAO. In 1945 in Voden was founded and managed by TOMO and was secretary of the NOF District Committee for Vodensky. In 1946-1949 was the organizing secretary of the NOF Main Board for Aegean Macedonia. By 1949 lived and worked in People's Republic of Macedonia. He is the author of Aegean Storm (1975). LIT: Aegean Macedonia at the National Liberation War of 1948, V, Skopje, 1981 (Editorial Dr. R. Kirjazovsky and F. Buchkova-Martinova). St. Kiss.

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