Aggression against the Republic of Macedonia in 2001- (2001 – the use of armed force by referring armed gangs, groups, irregular or hired soldiers from Kosovo as part of RS (after 1999 under the UN protectorate) against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Macedonia, prohibited by the UN Charter This fact is stated in Resolution 1345 (21 Ⅲ 2001) of the UN Security Council with the formulation "executors of the violence in the Republic of Macedonia are Albanian Macedonian defenders in action (2001) carried out aggression against the FRY by of the 19 NATO member states (without approval (UN Security Council), where serious violations have been committed in several branches of international law, especially humanitarian, with consequences for the overall international legal order and environmental disaster of regional proportions. LIT: Miter Arsovski – Stoyan Kuzev – Risto Damjanovski, The War in Macedonia in 2001, Skopje, 2001; Tatjana Petrushevska, NATO's attack on FRY – precedent in the functioning of the international community, "Macedonian time", Skopje, 1999. T. Peter.

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