AGRARIAN STRUCTURE – an integral part of the economic structure with which agriculture is linked in the process of reproduction. It is a set of production relations in agriculture to a certain extent in the development of productive forces. Until 1990 in the Republic of Macedonia there were 211 farm societies in the social ownership, 147 agro-combines and 64 agricultural cooperatives, in which there were about 30,000 people. In 1993 started the process of privatization of companies that manage agricultural land. Individual agricultural holdings, which number 180,000, own 450,000 ha, with an average size of 2.5 ha, and participate in the structure: with 82% in arable land, with 63% of long-term plantations, with 93% of the meadows, with 14 % of pastures, with 60% of the fishing capacities, with 95% of the total number of cattle, 62% of the number of pigs, 92% of sheep and 60% of poultry. Dr. Gosh.

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