AGOVSKI, Ivan Serafimov

AGOVSKI, Ivan Serafimov (Debar, 24 Ⅵ 1887 – Sofia, first half of 1925) – revolutionary, educated man and publicist. He finished elementary school in his hometown. Because of membership in a socialist circle, he was expelled from the Pedagogical School in Skopje (1905). After completing his higher education, he taught in Kichevo and participated in the local school rebellion (1908). He was an activist of the Skopje Social-Democratic Group (1910-1911). He later joined the Communist Movement and became a c. "Socialist Dawn" (Skopje, 1919-1921). With a group of like-minded people he supported Ⅲ a communist international. As an immigrant and publicist in Sofia (1921-1925) he started publishing in. "Council of Macedonia" (8th ember 1923) and advocated Macedonian national rights, for which he was arrested and killed. LIT: Bane Chadikovski, Attachment to the biography and activity of the Macedonian socialist, revolutionary and publicist Ivan Serafimov Agovski, "Glasnik" of INI, XI, 1, Skopje, 1967, 77-116; Dancho Zografski, Concepts, programs and projects for state constitution of Macedonia, Zb. ASNOM. Fifty years of Macedonian state from 1944 to 1994. Contributions from the scientific gathering held on November 17-18, 1994, MANU, Skopje, 1995, 48. Ml.

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