Agoli, Kemal

AGOLI, Kemal (Debar, 1918 – Naked Island, after 1948) – a communist man of Albanian descent. As an absolute in philosophy and pedagogy, he became a member of a raiding group (October 1941), a member of the CPA and a fighter of a partisan squad in Albania (1942). As a rearward activist in Debar (from the end of 1942) he was arrested and attached to the Tirana prison. After the capitulation of Italy (8th IX 1943) he entered the Partisan Detachment of Hadzi Leši, was the political commissioner of the First NPOO, the political commissar of the Battalion of the First Macedonian Chess LEO Brigade (11th XI 1943) and political commissar of the Fourth Youth Bypass Brigade 1944). He was elected a delegate from Macedonia for the Second Session of AVNOJ and a delegate at the First ASNOM Meeting. After the release he was a member of the NOFM Main Board (1945), etc., after which he was convicted of hostile activity against the FNRY (1948). LIT: Kicevo and Kichevo in NOV 19411945. Documents, Kicevo, 1985, 207, 324 and 395; Tetovo and Tetovo in NOV 19411945. (Materials from the scientific gathering held on November 20, 21 and 22 November 1985 in Tetovo and Popova Hat), first book, Tetovo, 1991; Dimche Nacheche, Golotoka testimonials. Consequences, collection, Ⅲ, Skopje, 2006, 27. S. Ml.

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