AGJAY, Sachidanand Hiranand Vatsyyan

AGYEY, Sachidanand Hiranand Vatsjian (Sachidanand Hsranand Vatswasnan Ages) (Lakno, India, 7. Ⅴ 1911 – New Delhi, 8. Ⅲ 1989) – the most significant Indian poet in Hindi; in the literature enters with the nickname Abyei (the ignorant or one that can not be captured). He is the author of 15 books of poetry, three novels and several collections of essays. He was editor of journals and author of anthologies. His lyrics are distinguished by deep intimacy and philosophical flashes. In 1983 he received the Golden Wreath at the Struga Poetry Evenings. BIB: Trembling, Islands in the Stream, Migraine of the green grass, The messenger of defeat, Crazy hunter, Signs and silences. LIT: Ante Popovski, Towards the poetic opus of Aghei, Songs, SVP, Struga, 1983. Gil.

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