AGATHANGEL BITOLSKI, st. (? – Bitola, November 11, 1727) – a new martyr, Macedonian – he suffered as a victim of forced Islamization (his head was cut off with a sword). His suffering and righteous life spread an oral tradition in Bitola and throughout Macedonia. The first living was written by Hieromonk Atanasij from the monastery "Simonopetra" on Mount Athos. Some of his holy relics are in Bitola and part of the Bigorski monastery. LIT: Alexander Donsky, All Saints from Macedonia, Stip, 2006; Dobrila Milovska and Jovan Takovski, Macedonian Journey Literature IX-ⅩⅤⅠⅠⅠ century, Skopje, 1996; Mihajlo Georgievski, Macedonian Saints, Skopje, 1997. Rath. Gr. Metropolitan Agatangel

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