AERODROM "ALEXANDER VELIKI", SKOPJE – was built in 1928. in today's Skopje settlement "Jane Sandanski". The first passenger plane that landed at this airport on 15. Ⅵ 1928 was the plane "Potez-29" (from French production) of the airline "Aeroput", which was flying on the first regular Belgrade – Skopje – Podgorica – Mostar – Sarajevo – Belgrade route. Around half a million passengers are transporting and carrying around about ten thousand take-offs and landings by dozens of airlines, connecting this airport with the world. LIT: 1. War Encyclopedia, Belgrade, 1970; Mitsorsoft® Enzarta® Enzklopedia 2003; T. Tuntev, Aviation History, Letra, Ohrid, 2003. Art. D. iR. D.

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