AEGI, Gennady

AEGI, Gennady (Gennadi Aigi) (Zaimurzin, Russian Federation, 31 Ⅷ 1934) – poet, essayist and translator, by nationality is Chuvash; since 1960 is determined to write in Russian by Gennady Yagiqik (until then, he writes to his native dynasty). His books are published in several European countries. In 1993 is the winner of the Golden Wreath of the SVP. BIB: In Chuvash, he published seven books: Music for Life, 1962; In the name of the fathers, 1958; Step, 1964; Exposition, 1971; Node, 1975; Songs, 1980; Testament, 1988; Fields of twins, 1987; Three poems for Malevich, 1989 and Now constantly snow. LIT: Jovan Pavlovski, Song as a part of the world, "Poetry", Struga, 1993. P. Gil. Ljubomir Ajdinski

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