ADVOKAT CHAMBER OF MACEDONIA. – established by a decision of the Government of the DFM from 13 Ⅵ 1945 With the 2002 Law on Attorney, AKRM is defined as an independent and independent institution. The highest body of the Chamber is the Assembly, and the Managing Authority is the Steering Committee. Acts of the Chamber are: the Statute of the Agency for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Rulebook on Disciplinary Accountability of Lawyers and the Code of Professional Ethics for Lawyers. Since 1995, the Bar Association has been a full member of the International Union of Lawyers since 2001. has been admitted to observer status in the Council of Bar Associations and Legal Associations of the European Union, and since 2002 is a full member of the Association of Bar Association of the countries of the Black Sea region. First Chairman of the Bar Association is Georgi Hadzi Manev, a lawyer from Veles (1951-1955), and the current president is Nenad Janicijevic, a lawyer from Skopje (since 2000). IZV .: Lawyer in the Republic of Macedonia (1945-2005), AKRM, Skopje, 2005. St. w. and Gore. L.-B.

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