ADONIS, Ali Ahmad Saeed Ezber

ADONIS, Ali Ahmad Saeed Ezber (Ali Ahmad Said Esber Adonis) (Kasabina, 1. Ⅰ 1930) – a poet and essayist, was born in Syria and later became a Lebanese citizen. He is the greatest contemporary Arabic poet. His work is a lyrical lyrical synthesis of the East and the West, a new literary expression and interpretation. In 1997 he received the Golden Wreath of the SVP. BIB: Songs of Miyar Damaskin, 1961; A Book of Metamorphoses and Settlement in the Landscape of the Day and Night, 1965; Theater and Mirrors, 1968; Time between the place and the roses, 1970; Singular in the form of a plural, 1977; Book of the Environment, 1985; The Lust That Stumbles on the Matter of Matter, 1987; Light Festivities, 1988; Second alphabet, 1994. He is also author of several essay books. LIT: Zvon Bonnetos, Violence et Paidge, Institute du Monde Arabe, Paris, 2000. Gil.

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