ADMINISTRATIVE-TERRITORIAL DIVISION of the Pirin part of Macedonia under the authority of Bulgaria (1912-). This part of Macedonia became the Kingdom of Bulgaria (October 1912 – 20 Ⅱ 1920), named as Strumica District, with the administrative center of Strumica. It was administratively divided into neighborhoods, with district centers: Gorna Dzumaja (Blagoevgrad), Mehomiya (Razlog), Petrich, Nevrokop (Goce Delchev) and Melnik. With the decision of the Versailles Peace Conference, Strumica, with a part of its previous boulevard, was seized of Bulgaria and was granted to the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. The district was renamed the Petrita District (Ⅱ 1920 – 1934) with a system of social change. From the end of IX to the district center of Petrich, the administrative and territorial division of counties ⅩⅠⅠⅠ v., The following topics are known: in Vardar Macedonia (1918-1922) was abolished (1934-1943) and the Gorno-Dzhumayskaya, Petrichskaya and Svetibrica Borough were added to the Sofia, and the Nevrokop and Razlog Borough of the Plovdiv area. After the Second World War several administrative-territorial changes were made. The Pirin part of Macedonia represented the Gorno-Dzhumay district (1950-1987), then it was abolished and joined the Sofia area. LIT: Desanka Todorovic, Occupation of Strumica 1919, "Glasnik", Ⅹ / 1, Skopje, 1966; Encyclopedia of Bulgaria, 1, BAN, Sofia, 1978. V. Jot.

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