ADAMCHESKA, Snezhana Mirkova

ADAMCHESKA, Snezana Mirkova (Delchevo, 8. Ⅴ 1950) – teacher, university professor. Graduated (1973), MA (1983) and Ph.D. (1988) at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje. Scientific interest is the didactic-methodical issue, especially the innovative teaching techniques and methods. He is the author of over 80 professional and scientific papers and several textbooks for elementary education. She was a vice-chancellor and acting director. Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje and Senate Member Snezana Adamceska at the University "St. Cyril and Methodius". BIB: Student tandem work, 1991; Methodological Handbook for Schoolgirls, 1994; Active teaching, 1996; Initial reading and writing, 1997, etc. LIT: Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje: 1920-1946-2006, Skopje, 2006, 205. Camb.

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