ACYI (Azzhios) – the ancient name of the r. Vardar, which is mentioned by several ancient literary sources: Herodotus, Tukididus, Plinyus et al. It is mentioned at the earliest time in the time of the Trojan War as "a broad-flowing river" (Homme, Ⅱ.I844-850). Strabo (Strasbians 7, 327, 329) says that A. originates from the region of the Agrian, which is a Paionian tribe. The river divides the old Paionia region and then enters Macedonia in the Amphaxitida area. Between 168 and 148 g. with the Roman authorities dividing both of the four meridians; the second stays to the east, and the third to the west of the river. LIT: F. Papazoglu, Macedonian Cities in the Roman Age, Skopje, 1957, 58-62. V. B.-Gr.

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