ACCENT (<lat accentus <ad cantus 'invitation': Greek prose) – a bipartite element by which one language is differentiated as a separate idiom. Maked. a. is three-fold, falls on the last three syllables, ie. Mori, from the end of the word. He is dynamic, with the strength of the voice performing a separating function of words and word wholes. At the base lies the ancient Balkan rhythm, but it also contains something specific in sounding and intonation. LIT: Bl. Koneski, Grammar of Maked. lit. I, Ⅰ part; P. Hr. Ilievski, Internal and external factors in the development of makedon. three-sided accent, "Lit. Gl., 28/4, 1981, 35-42; Participation in the Greek-novel. language environment in the formation of macedon. three-syllabic accent, "Attachments", MANU – OLLN, 6, 2, 1981, 35-58. P. Hr. Il.

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