ACADEMIC SOCIETY OF MACEDONIA. (Geneva, 1915) – continuation of the Academic Society of the Macedonian-Odrin students in Geneva (Switzerland) after the Ilinden uprising (1904), and after the beginning of the First World War renewed under the name "Macedonia". Organizers of the Company: Anastas Kocarev (Ohrid), Petar Zdravev (Tetovo), Dimitar Nestorov (Struga), Trifun Grekov (Enisej-Vardar), Blagoj Toshanov (Stip), A. Kopandonov and Aleksandar Krajchev (Veles) and others. In the same year, a group of Macedonian students at the Zurich University formed the Political Society "Macedonia of the Macedonians". In the following year, the Political Society "Macedonia – Defending the Rights of the Macedonians" was constituted in Lausanne, and the Political Society for Independence of Macedonia in Geneva. Later there are 25 Macedonian societies in Switzerland that at the time of the Versailles Peace Conference formed the Main Board of the Macedonian societies in Switzerland (Lausanne, 1919) for defending the integrity and state constitution of Macedonia. The print organ is sp. "L'Andendendance Mazedonienne". LIT: Ljuben Lape, The activity of the Main Board of the Macedonian societies in Switzerland 1918-1919 and documentation on it, "INI Messenger", IX, 1, 1965, 131-191; Ljuben Lape, Contribution of Macedonian students abroad for the development of the Macedonian national thought and defense of the Macedonian national individuality. Moments from the work of several student societies, "History", 2, Skopje, 1970; Mihajlo Minoski, The Federal Idea in Macedonian Political Thought, Skopje, 1985. Bl. R.

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