ABECEDAR (ABECEDAR) – a Macedonian language letter for the Macedonian national minority "Abecedar" – a Macedonian letter printed in Athens (1925) and a new edition in Thessaloniki (2007)
in Greece, prepared by a special commission of the Greek government (Papazahariou, Siyaccis and Lazarus), under international pressure and patronage of the Society of Nations in Geneva, printed in Athens in 1925. Prilep-Bitola-Lerin folk speech with specially adapted Latin alphabet and with pronounced phonetic spelling. The first Macedonian textbook published by a legal government. Due to the reactions from Sofia and Belgrade, he was immediately withdrawn from use in the envisaged schools in the Aegean part of Macedonia. Phototypical published in Skopje (1985) and revised in Thessaloniki (with accompanying texts in Greek, English and Macedonian) under the title "Abecedar – Bukvar – Anagnstico" (2006). The Abecedar Code has 29 letters, and the Africans are written as diphthongs (jid, jam), and they are handed over to the Croatian-Czech h, w, (glass, woman), while for the dark (i) before the syllable p (p) the Romanian grafa î (kyrpata) is used. The Macedonian palaces are built with the help of l or ü (kuka / küti, Gjorce, lüliam, lilac). The emphasis is marked on the third syllable from the end of the word or accentual integrity, and the member is triple (-the, -you, -on). LIT: Abecedar / Abecedar. Jubilee edition 1925-1985. Second edition, Skopje, 1959; Voislav D. Kushevski, About the appearance of the "Abecedar", "History", ⅩⅠⅩ, 2, Skopje, 1983; Blaze Ristovski, Athens Abecedar – a Macedonian letter published by the Greek government, MANU, 2006. Bl. R.

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