ABDURAMANOV, Dino Kljusev (Dine Dirmanchov) (village Patel, Lerin, second half of ⅩⅠⅩ v. – P'tel, 2nd Ⅵ 1902) – the TMRO and the national hero. As a member of TMORO from 1896, he was in a state of siege, and since 1901 komita in the commander's seat Marko Lerinski (GI Georgiev). While staying in his home, he was surrounded by the Ottoman army and bashbizzuk. In his impassable position, he first killed his closest relatives and then succumbed himself to the targeted rifles and bayonets with a saber. Opera is in several folk songs. LIT: Macedonian Revivalists and Revolutionaries, Album, Skopje, 1950, 73; Trpko Bicevski, Macedonian Folk Songs from Vodensko, Skopje, 1989, 186; Marko Kitevski, Macedonian martial folk songs. Anthology on the occasion of 60 years of ASNOM, Skopje, 2004, 197-198 and 315. S. Ml.

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