ABDULI, Ramiz M. (Ramiz M. Abduli) (village of Lojane, Kumanovo, 1st Ⅱ 1944) – historian, full professor at the State University in Tetovo. He finished elementary school in his native village, Teachers' School in Skopje and graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy (History Group) in Skopje (1969). He received his Masters Degree on the topic "Pressure in the National Liberation War 1941-1945" (1977) and received his Ph.D. in the "The position of the working class of Kosovo between the two world wars (1919-1941)" (1982) at the Faculty of Philosophy in Pristina. Prior to his doctorate, he was a teacher, teacher, professor and journalist in Kumanovo and in Skopje, and then a scientific and senior research associate at the Institute for History of Kosovo in Pristina (1978-1991), Senior Research Fellow and Scientific Adviser Ramiz Abduli (1999) in the Department for the period between the two world wars at the Institute of National History in Skopje (1st Ⅱ 1994 – 2006). For some time he was rector of the unregistered Albanian university in Mala Recica. BIB: Bajram Shhabani, "Flaka e Vllazeremit", Shqip, 1976; Gedja dhe pozna is klases puntore nn Kosovo (1918-1941), Institutes and Historië, Prishtinë 1988; Zef Lusch Marku, "Rilndia", Prishtinë, 1988; Albanian Liberation Movement 1908-1912, INI, Skopje, 2003; Lvizja Kombëtare Shqiptare 1911-1912, Institutes and Historië, Prikhtinë, 2004. LIT: 50 years Institute of National History 1948-1998, Skopje, 1998, 130131. Ml.

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