ABC – The graphic appearance of the Macedonian Cyrillic alphabet A, and B, b B, in G, d D, d F, f E, e H, W, S, S, and J, K, k, l L, m, m, n, n, p, p, p, p, pc, c T, m, y, y, y, w – determined sequence of graphic characters and voices in written and oral expression in Cyrillic languages. The name gets it according to the first two letters (az, bucki) in the original Slavic letter. The modern Macedonian alphabet is reformed after the Exoneration and has 31 letters, as there are voices in the Macedonian standard language. The Ministerial Council of People's Republic of Macedonia, after several months of work on several commissions, on the basis of the Resolution of the last Commission for language and orthography at the Ministry of People's Education, composed of: Venko Markovski, poet; Vasil Iljoski, director of the gymnasium; Mirko Pavlovski, professor; Blaze Koneski, lecturer; Krume Toshev, head of vocational schools; Ivan Mazov, editor of "Mlad Borec"; Gustav Vlahov, publicist; Vlado Maleski, director of radio Skopje; Kiro H. Vasilev, publicist and captain Ilija Topalovski, head of the propaganda department of the General Headquarters, adopted her graphic composition on 3. Ⅴ 1945. The Macedonian alphabet is based on the phonetic principle, which means there is a letter in the alphabet for each separate voice in the language. LIT: Bl. Koneski, Grammar of the Macedonian Literary Language, Skopje, 1982; K. Kamberski, From letter to university, Skopje, 1994. K. Camb.

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