ABAZI, Alajdin

ABAZI, Alajdin (Tetovo, 1. XI 1942) – electrical engineer, univ. professor, member of MANU. He finished elementary school and high school in his hometown, and then graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Zagreb (1965). First he was a trainee at the Jugohrom factory in Tetovo (1965) and an engineer for development in the Electric Power Company of Macedonia (1966-1969). He was elected as an assistant at the Technical Faculty in Pristina. He received his master's degree in the field of "New insulation materials and his role in electrical engineering" (1973) and received his Ph.D. on the subject "Reversal and neutralization of electrostatic charge in thin isolation films" (1977) at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Zagreb. He was first elected Assistant Professor (1973), then Associate Professor (1979) and Full Professor (1985) in the electromagnetic field at the Technical and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Dean of the Technical Faculty in Pristina (1979-1981). He was a visiting professor at the Academy of Sciences in the People's Republic of China (1981), West Virginia University (1981/1982), the University of Tirana and the University of Iacci in Romania. He was Chairman of the Board for Scientific Research Work at the Inkos Institute of the Electric Power Company of Kosovo, Vice President of the Board for Scientific Research of SSU and member of the Board for Development of the Electric Power Company of Yugoslavia. After his stay in the United States (1992-1993) for the realization of projects funded by DE-USA, he returned to the Republic of Macedonia. He was first appointed director of the Foundation of the South East European University (2001), and then he was elected the first rector of this university in Tetovo and president of the Interuniversity Conference of the Republic of Macedonia. As author and co-author, he published over 40 scientific and expert papers in the country and abroad for new insulating materials and electrotechnical structures, the development and application of application electrostatic systems, thin polymer films, calculation and measurement of electrical quantities, etc. He is also a co-author of several university textbooks. He was elected as a member of MANU (2006). BIB .: Measurement and recording of static electricity by means of a trial, Statement protection of static electricity, Ⅲ, Beograd, 1978; Obtaining electrical bombardment at the same place; Analytic and Numericel Capacitance, Proceedings of IMECO Ⅷ, Moscow, 1979; Controlled elimination of electrostatic charge, "Protection", no. 1, Sarajevo, 1979; Nonlinear effects code sphere and rotational ellipsoid in a homogeneous and electrostatic field, "ETAN", Maribor, 1979; Controlled elimination of static charge, SMETI-GES 80, Donji Milanovac, 1980.LIT: Prof. Dr Alajdin Abazi, "Bulletin", Fifteenth Election Assembly. Proposals of candidates for election of regular members of MANU submitted by three members of the Academy, from educational-scientific councils of higher education institutions, from councils

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