ABASI, Nexhat

ABAZI, Nexhat (Abazi Nexhat) (village Kolibari, Kichevo, 1948) – teacher and univ. professor. He finished elementary and high school in Kichevo, a teacher school in Skopje and a Faculty of Philosophy (Pedagogy Group) in Pristina. He received his MA in "Development of the Albanian Schools in Macedonia (1945-1958)" at the University of Pristina, and received his PhD at the University of Tirana on the topic "The development of education, schools and pedagogical thinking of the Albanians in the Republic of Macedonia (1830-1912)". Worked as a teacher, teacher at a gymnasium and as an advisor at the Pedagogical Institute in Skopje. He is now a professor of pedagogy at the Tetovo State University. In addition to teaching and pedagogical activity, he published more than 100 scientific papers in the field of pedagogy. A. P.

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