Abadzhiev, Georgi

ABDZIEV, Gjorgji (Dojran, 7. Ⅹ 1910 – Skopje, 2. Ⅷ 1963) – short story writer, novelist, historiographer, publicist and screenwriter. From the fifth year of life, an immigrant in Sofia. Secondary education ends in Upper Jumaya (Blagoevgrad). She studied at the Faculty of Law in Sofia, where she took an active part in the organizations of the progressive Macedonian emigration in Bulgaria. He is a member of the Macedonian Literary Circle (1938-1942) and the Macedonian literary circle "Nikola Vaptsarov" (1946-1947). His first artistic short stories, reports and short stories are placed in the books "Last Encounter" and "Labor and People" (Sofia, 1936). In 1948, he returned to Macedonia, where he is one of the founders in Skopje, Acting. deputy director and one of the most active associates of the Institute of National History. Literary work in the homeland starts with the story "The two comrades", which is published in the collection "Ilinden" (Skopje, 1948). In 1972 his "Selected Works" in four volumes have been published. In all of his works, the themes and phenomena of history have a prominent place and are rightly regarded as historical fiction. SALE (short stories, 1950), Epic of the knife (short stories, 1951), Last meeting (short stories, 1953), Aramis Nest (novel, 1954), Wilderness (novel, 1961), Short stories (1962), Balkan wars and Macedonia (monograph, 1972) .LIT: Miodrag Drugovac, History of Macedonian Literature ⅩⅩ century (1990); Venko Andonovski, The Structure of the Macedonian Realistic Novel (1997); Hristo Georgievski, Macedonian novel 1952-2000 (2002). V. М.-Ч.

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